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posted this on October 04, 2012 02:34 PM


What will I receive with my KLUTCHclub subscription?

Each month you will receive a curated box with over $50 worth of health and wellness products from emerging and well-known brands. Each box is designed around a monthly theme brought to life through a great mix of products that may include: accessories, body care, skin care, healthy snacks, beverages, workout apparel, and more. The box is designed for you to experience new brands, giving you the ability to decide if a more substantial purchase is right for you. You will also get access to exclusive content (think healthy tips and tricks!) and members-only brand promotions. These promotions will include those from brands featured in your box as well as in the boxes prior to your subscription. We will also add a few bonus deals from lifestyle and fashion brands.

Are there additional fees beyond the subscription?

No, the subscription breaks down product and shipping cost which are separated out in the shopping cart.
Our subscriptions are priced as follows:

The monthly auto-renewing subscriptions for all boxes are $18/mo (include shipping).

Any 3-month auto-renewing subscription is $51 for 3-months (equal to $17/mo including shipping).

12-month subscriptions are $192 for 12-months (equal to $16/mo including shipping).

When will my first box arrive?

You will get the box of the month that you order in. So, if you order from June 1 - June 30, you'll get June's box. If you order July 1 - July 31, you'll get July's box. Boxes begin shipping the 15th of each month, and boxes ordered before the 15th will arrive 5-10 business days after the 15th. If your billing date is from the 15th-31st, your box will ship on the first Friday after you are billed.

When will I be billed for an auto-renewing membership?

When an order is placed for a monthly auto-renewing membership, you will be billed for your first box immediately. For each month going forward that your subscription remains active, you will be billed a month from the day you first ordered. For example, if you ordered on July 5th, your next billing date will be August 5th (and your box will ship on the 15th of each month).

For 3-month auto-renewing subscriptions, you will be billed for 3-months in advance, and your next billing date will be 3-months from the date of your initial order. 

What happens when my 12-month subscription reaches the last month?

The 12-month subscriptions terminate at the end of the12-month period. You will need to order a new subscription in order to continue getting monthly boxes.

Can I opt out of auto-renew?

Absolutely! The 1 Month and 3 Month Subscriptions default to auto-renew. 12 Month Subscriptions are not auto-renewing. To opt out of auto-renew – Login, Click “Update Your Account” and there is an option to Cancel Auto Renew next to your credit card number. If you ordered our monthly auto-renewing subscription, your card will be automatically charged $18 each month. You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and clicking "Cancel Auto-Renewal."  

If I have a gift subscription - what happens when I reach my last month?

Gift subscriptions will be terminated after your gift recipient receives her last month’s KLUTCH box. The gift recipient can sign up for another subscription after their current subscription ends. Please call us at 312-255-0802 if you need assistance.

What is your cancellation policy?

Monthly members can cancel their KLUTCHclub membership at any time. 3-month memberships can opt out of auto-renewal and still receive their remaining boxes. On the My Account page, please de-select the auto renew option. There are NO REFUNDS ON 3 & 12 MONTH MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATIONS. If you have trouble canceling your order please contact us at 312-255-0802



Where does KLUTCHclub ship? And how?

We ship to the United States and its territories. We ship free in the contiguous 48 states, but will ship to Hawaii and Alaska as well as other territories for an additional shipping fee. Your box is shipped via FedEx and every month you will receive an email stating your tracking number so you can follow your box to your door.

When will my KLUTCH ship?

Boxes begin shipping the 15th of each month, and boxes ordered before the 15th will arrive 5-10 business days after the 15th. If your billing date is from the 15th-31st, your box will ship on the first Friday after you are billed.

Will I be able to track my shipment?

Yes! You will receive tracking information via email upon the shipment of your KLUTCH box. 

How can I change my address or billing information?

To make changes to your shipping or billing address - please login to your account and underneath your Order you will see "Edit Shipping" or "Edit Billing" where you can easily change your address and billing information.  Please contact us at 312-255-0802 or at if you have any problems doing so. If you have not submitted an address change by the 15th of the month, your KLUTCHbox will ship to your previous address on file.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Not at this time – but all shipments within the 48 contiguous states should arrive at your door in 5-10 days once shipped.



Will I know what is in the box ahead of time?

Yes! Every month there will be a preview of the box on the site showing all the exciting products that you will be receiving in your KLUTCH.

Is the KLUTCHclub box customized?

No we do not individually customize the boxes but we are sure that if you are conscious of health, wellness and fitness that you will be delighted with what is inside. We actively listen to the needs and goals of our subscribers and appreciate the feedback.

What if I don’t like the products I receive?

We really hope that you do, but if not - please let us know. Feedback is extremely important and we promise to always get back to you. Just pass the products on to some friends!

What if I don’t know how to use my products?

We can help! KLUTCHclub has detailed information on how to use and get the most out of your products through detailed blog posts, tutorials and emails to you.

I love the product you sent! How do I buy it?

The links to all brand partners will be available on the website under the Promotions tab so that you can buy more as well as explore other products offered by each brand.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free eater, will KLUTCHclub accomodate my needs?

We try our best to send products that fit a broad range of needs and lifestyles, but we do not always guarantee that products adhere to your specific dietary needs. Please read the ingredient labels to understand if these products will work for you. If not - please pass them on to someone who will enjoy them.

I have allergies to certain products and ingredients, what do I do?

Unfortunately we won’t be able to guarantee that your KLUTCH box will not contain specific products and ingredients. We understand that this may make it hard to subscribe but hope that you try and enjoy the products you can and give away those that may cause allergies to friends.

Is KLUTCHclub an eco-friendly company? How do I request eco-friendly samples?

We strive to be environmentally responsible company and we use recycled packaging and many organic and all-natural products. Unfortunately, we cannot promise to deliver only eco-friendly products at this time.

I want to request donated KLUTCHboxes from KLUTCHclub. How do I get started?

KLUTCHclub believes it is important to give back to the communities in which we operate. We are proud to support hundreds of community events and organizations each year through product donations. Requests will be considered on a rolling basis through



How does the KLUTCHbucks program work?

Here is a link to our KLUTCHbucks FAQ!

How and where do I fill out product feedback surveys?

At this time they will be emailed directly to you and will provide an incentive every month so we can keep the KLUTCH box full of products that you enjoy.

What type of content is on the KLUTCHclub website?

The Healthy Living blog is filled with inspiring articles and videos on your way to a healthy and fit lifestyle.



Can I gift a KLUTCHclub subscription?

Absolutely! You can gift a 1-month, 3-month or 12-month subscription. Follow the directions on the sign-up page to gift a subscription. If you have any questions on gifting - please contact us at 312-255-0802.

Does my gift subscription follow the same shipping cycle?

Your first gift will be shipped in the month of your choosing and the subsequent months will ship around the 15th of the month, similar to regular subscriptions.

Can I include a gift message in my gift order?

You can send an e-card included with your order that will be delivered via email either at time of purchase or at time of delivery. A gift card will also pop up after purchase of gift that you can print and give to the gift recipient.

Can I choose when the first KLUTCH box ships?

Yes! You can select the month in which the first box will ship.

How long does it take for my gift to ship?

It will ship around the 15th of the month you selected.

Will I be notified when the first box ships?

Not at this time, but we are working on it!

How will the gift recipient know to redeem their gift?

Your recipient will receive instructions on how to redeem their gift when the e-card is sent. If you choose to send the e-card after the gift has been delivered they will receive the instructions then.

Does the gift recipient need to redeem their gift?

Nope!  Their boxes will still be shipped, however they will receive notification so that they can set up their account.

Can a gift recipient make changes to their account after their boxes start shipping?

Yes - just please have them give us a call at 312-255-0802.



How do I apply a promo code?

When you sign up there is a box for a coupon. Please enter the promo code in the box and hit the “Apply Coupon” button. This will apply the coupon code to your order. If it doesn’t work - please call us at 312-255-0802.

Oops, I forgot to use my promo code! What can I do?

Please give us a call at 312-255-0802 with your order number so that we can make the changes to your account!

When will I get my Shop order?

Your first shipment will be shipped within 5 working days of purchase. The boxes for subsequent months are shipped after 30 days of first shipping.

What is Auto-Renew?

Auto-renew means that once you pick a subscription, it will automatically renew it self on the date you purchase it. For example, if you purchase a 1-month auto-renewing subscription on June 1st, you will be charged again on July 1st, if your account remains active.

The "Best of Box auto-renew", "1-month auto-renew", and "3-month auto-renew" subscriptions default to auto-renew also noted in the name of the subscription.Please be aware that you do not need to do anything to renew your subscription once enrolled in auto-renew. If for any reason it is not possible to charge the card (for example, your credit card has expired) you will receive a reminder by email advising you to update your credit or debit card information accordingly.

What if I don't want to auto-renew my Shop order each month?

You are auto-enrolled to receive a product shipment each month.  If you only want one month's worth of product, place your order, then cancel your before your subscription renews the next month



What is KLUTCHshop?

KLUTCHshop is our newly launched section where you can buy monthly supplies of your favorite and most products. All products in KLUTCHshop are based on recommendations from our members, and are curated and handpicked by our nutrition team. With select KLUTCHshop purchases, you will also receive additional ‘FREE SURPRISE’ additions to your purchase. Look out for the tag ‘Delight me’ next to your KLUTCHshop order.

What is "Delight Me"?

This is our way of showing our love and delivering value to your purchase. For select orders on KLUTCHshop, we will delight you with ‘FREE SURPRISE’ packs of additional goodies to the order, customized to your taste.

My KLUTCHshop order says "Auto-Renewing". What does that mean?

It means that your order will repeat after 30 days. This is an option where we conveniently provide auto-refills to replenish the monthly supplies of your favorite products.

When will I get my KLUTCHshop order?

You'll receive your first shipment within 10 days of purchase. The boxes for subsequent months are shipped after 30 days of first shipping.

I bought a special KLUTCHshop best-of-box. How do I get a discount on my KLUTCHshop purchase?

You will receive an email with a special discount code for KLUTCHshop purchase. Please use that discount code at checkout while you are making your KLUTCHshop purchase.




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Contacting customer service seems to do no good.  It's been over 2 weeks, and I have yet to get a response.  The FAQs indicate a 2-3 day wait time for a response.

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